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Thai Phong is a VietNam Airlines and Mekong Air certified agent, providing tickets of all Airlines both domestic and international, ranged the best in Phu Quoc.


Upon your coming, we will consult with you about every procedure, Visa, Passport. We will deliver tickets at you place for free. The payment is simple, reflexive. It is not time- consuming to find your way of travelling.


With its well- trained experiencing staff good at consulting and booking tickets, THAI PHONG Ticket Agent always pleases the travellers with good flights and reasonable prices.



Thai Phong pleasantly offers our services such as:

     - Selling domestic and international tickets.

     - Consulting travellers to get reasonable tickets and kinds of flights.

     - Delivering tickets for free within Duong Dong area.

     - Helping reserve tickets and visa application for free.

     - Signing contracts to provide tickets for businesses and offices.

To serve you well, we always:

     - Get the airlines’s update marketing campaigns.

     - Get the reasonable rate of commission for all fights.

     - Make method of payment easy by cash or check.




If you are looking for a ticket agent for your trip, do not hesitate to contact Thai Phong ticket agent to get the cheapest tickets and best airways.

For all information, please contact :


      Tel :  (0773) 970 666  -  970 667  -   989 777  -  98 77 98                  

      Fax : (0773) 98 66 98

      Email : thaiphongpqc@yahoo.com.vn


At Duong Dong - Phu Quoc :

   - Ticket Booth 1 : 

            Add : 207 – Nguyen Trung Truc St - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc

           Tel :  0773 970 667                

           Nick chat Yahoo : phamsonmr


   - Ticket Booth 2 : 

         Add : 3 – Hung Vuong (the section to HaNinh)

         Tel :  (0773) 989 777                

         Nick chat Yahoo : Yumi hoaithuong


   - At An Thoi - Phu Quoc :

       Add : 135 - Nguyen Van Cu St. – An Thoi town

       Tel : (0773) 98 77 98                  

       Nick Chat : tuanh khongcochi


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