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Phu Quoc is like tourism heaven on earth. Touring Phu Quoc is getting a chance for you to explore the nuture: the long white sand beaches, the interminable forests, the rivers, streams which are calm and poetic or the famous specialities in this island.

The problem is how to go, which way of transportations to chose, when to go where to eat what to eat what to buy, where to sight. These are many tourists’hesitations while wishing to explore this “Paradise of tourism.”
The Exploring Phu Quoc Company will be your trustful companion in your whole Phu Quoc exploring trip. We always bring you the comfort, friendship and pleasant about the quality as well as the prices of services:
-         Automobile hire
-         Yatch hire
-         Booking low-price hotel tickets
-         Package tour or daily tour
-         Booking high- speed boat and air-plane tickets



With the long- time experienced administrators, staff, tour guides especially the hired local, it’s much more convenient for you in exploring, understanding the culture, geology features and the history of the island. That’s why Exploring Phu Quoc Company is more and more worth-while. It becomes the top in tourism section in Phu Quoc with many tourists’ trust.


To enjoy most of your pleasant and comfortable trip, come to Exploring Phu Quoc Company.
For more information about price of services, please visit:

Or contact:

One Member Trading - Service  EXPLORING PHU QUOC Co., Ltd
Add: 26 Hung Vuong St. Duong Dong- Phu Quoc.
Tel: (077) 3703 070
Mobile: 0168.888.0608- 0918487686, Mr. Huy
Fax: (077) 3993330
Email: quanghuypq@yahoo.com – phuquocdiscover@yahoo.com 
Yahoo: Phuquocquetoi_phuquoc
Skype: phuquocdiscover
Website: www.phuquocdiscover.com 


DISCOVER PHU QUOC is deeply honored to serve you ! 

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Welcome to Phu Quoc - Viet Nam !

        Phu Quoc is known as an emeral island in the Western sea of Viet Nam. Mother nature gave it such an unique traits and attractions of a heaven for sea tourism with such an ever lasting long immaculate sugary-white beach, crystal blue seawaters, splendid marine creatures,...

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