Ngoc Hien Pearl Cultivating

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          Phu Quoc is known as the Emerald island due to its prosperity which mother nature offered. There are white sand beaches- most beautiful in the world- primitive forests with the wilderness or the special stuffs becoming the trademarks of the island, The tourists coming to the island not only explore and exploit the nature’s value but also its special products. Among its high quality products which they want to see is Phu Quoc pearls.






Ngoc Hien Pearls (Phu Quoc)


          Phu Quoc pearls are famous for their beautifully wealth elegance but with the nature figure bringing good fortune to those wearing them. Therefore, they are the tourists’s favorite choices especially the female.

          Pearls were crea-ted when a foreign body of some sorts, such as a grain of sand or a parasite, found its way into a pearl oyster. The oyster reacted by coating the irritant with layer upon layer of the yearly substance known as 'nacre', that gives the pearl its unique appearance and iridescent beauty. This unique relationship gave birth to the natural pearl. As time goes by, “the nacre” is improved to become hard with its lustre and its flashing color and it is called pearl. Natural pearls are more valuable than cultured ones which are rather roughly shaped otherwise the cultured ones are more beautifully round and colored. But to have beautiful cultured pearls, the raisers must be highly trained and experienced and there must be a long well- done process.

          Asked to evaluate the quality of Phu Quoc pearls, Horikiri Seiji, an pearl expert says, “Phu Quoc already known as an island with beautiful nature-made pearls, added a skilled man-made cultivating procedure, so that Phu Quoc’s pearls become famous is obvious. The quality of pearls in Phu Quoc can be equal to that of many countries specialized in producing pearls in the world.” Speaking of the brand name of pearls in Phu Quoc, Ngoc Hien pearls become familiar to tourists near of far and its place becomes an well- remembered address of dwellers in Phu Quoc.




          Phu Quoc Pearls - brand name, are cultured and formed right here. Ngoc Hien Pearl is the second-to none business to cultivate pearls in Phu Quoc. The circle - cultivating procedure fr0m sea-water tank on the sea to creating pearls are directly performed by Japanese experts. Therefore, Ngoc Hien’s products are both domestic and foreign tourists’ favorites and they are becoming more famous.





          Everyday, there are more than tourists coming here shopping. It can be the greatest number of tourists in Phu Quoc. It’s the unique business to be issued a “cirtificate of standardized serving tourists” by Kien Giang Tourism& Sports Service.







          Right on the first steps at Cultivating Pearl Enterprise and  its Show Room, tourists will be surprised to enjoy the beautifully soul- catching ch@rm of brand name pearl gems over here. The pearl products here are various in shapes, colors and kinds while the prices and quality are quaranteed. Besides the traditional pear necklaces, we also have delicately specialized combinations between gold with pearls, pearls with silver or other precious emeralds to meet the ladies’s need of beauty. Nowadays, wearing jewelry made of pearls for personal adornment becomes favorites of ladies of all ages.




          Ngoc Hien’s jewelry always naturally attracts tourists counting fr0m rings, medals, bracelaces to necklaces or others. Going along with outfits for office clothes or evening gowns, all helps make ladies more beautiful and attractive naturally.




        The quality of pearls depends more on lustre, color, shape and size. A pearl with a special shape will provide the designers some new creative ideas. The newer the design, the more precious jewelry however, nothing could be compared with the natural color of pearls to make your complexion prettier. 








          Watching the natural beauty of Phu Quoc’s special product- pearls, many tourists feel like buying more for their relatives or friends and for themselves even though they are aware how much to pay for.






          Right here, tourists can eyewitness the oysters alive being operated to get a pearl out and they are introduced the cultivating process. Futhermore, tourists can by themselves choose an oyster to have an employee open it then to possess the inside pearl on their own in luck no matter how good it looks.






          Pearls are made by nature. With human creation and the time gone by, pearls are crea-ted as an artful product. The most important indication of a pearl's quality is lustre. The lustre of a pearl refers to the glowing appearance of its surface, and is judged by it brilliance and ability to reflect light. A pearl with a high lustre will be very shiny and show reflections like a mirror while a pearl with poor lustre will appear very milky or chalky.


Nature Pearls

Artful Pearls

          Having a perfect trading valuable pearl takes 3 to 5 years, for some kinds 5 to 7 years even more 10 years. But to have a beautiful pearl, along with the cultivating skill, there must be human effort. After inserting into the oyster a nucleus, the raiser has to take a very good care, to adjust the process to get the best roundness of it. Due to such a hard work, the raiser must also be a real artist. 


          If the tourists get to know this place and purchase the elegant worthy jewelry at Ngoc Hien Pearl, they must be familiar to the owner known as “Pearl billionair” in Phu Quoc- Ho Phi Thuy. He is the first VietNamese to boost the pearl cultivating career in Phu Quoc.


Mr Ho Phi Thuy - "Phu Quoc Pearl Billionair"


          Phu Quoc sea is very available for the pearl cultivating due to its climate and the ideal nuture condition. However not anyone can make it as it requires high-tech and skills. Right now, in Vietnam on the whole and in Phu Quoc in part, a number of companies producing cultured pearls can be counted by finger in which most of them are foreign- invested or join- stock companies. Many Vietnamese businessmen have tried but fail to make it.

          Unlike all the others, Mr. Thuy, having almost 20 years of experience and with his burning passion, has made a countable successes. He now owns 2 pearl cultivating companies in Phu Quoc and Con Dao with more than 300 hectare of land and almost 4 million raised oysters.





          Unlike the cultivating technique of  seeding the outer oyster’s shell as many countries in the world apply, Thuy has his men seed each oyster to get the higher- quality pearl as possible. Further more, his cultivating process is directlycarried out by Japanese experts. This is a many-section process requiring high tech skills and precision. Therefor, Ngoc Hien’s pearls are always quaranteed and believable.




          Nowadays, Ngoc Hien pearl farms have been the Phu Quoc- coming tourist’s attractive spots. The pearl products are purchased uncountably. Somehow, the tourists must be surprised to learn that domestic sale is just about 25% compared with the 75% exported mainly to Japan which reaches 500- 600 kg of  pearls a year.







          Thuy’s brilliant achievements have made him an successful entrepreneur and a billionair in Phu Quoc. On the contrary, he is simple in his everyday life. Every year he contributes hundreds of millions to help the local community have houses of love and great- uni0n built  or to finance poor students or the ones with difficult lives.



          Everyday, He passionately works as a artist cultivating pearls. For him it’s not only a business but also a passion, a burning desire to make life better. He is dreaming of making a pearl ranged the world best. He states,  I want to do that not only for my own pride but I also want to prove that the Vietnamese can still make something unique ".






In the future, He will upgrade his business making it on a higher range to serve the tourists near or far.



     Add : Duong Bao - Duong To - Phu Quoc

     Tel : 01699 869 866  -  Fax : (84) 773 983 799

     Email : pearlfarm.phuquoc@gmail.com

     Website : ngochienpearl.com



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