Ngoc Hien Pearl Cultivating

Ngoc Hien Pearl Cultivating

Phu Quoc pearls are famous for their beautifully wealth elegance but with the nature figure bringing good fortune to those wearing them. Therefore, they are the tourists’s favorite choices especially the female. Speaking of the brand name of pearls in Phu Quoc, Ngoc Hien pearls become familiar to tourists near of far and its place becomes an well- remembered address of dwellers in Phu Quoc.

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Sang Loi Pepper Manufacturer

Sang Loi Pepper Manufacturer

Being along with fish sauce, pearls, Sim wine, famous either at home or foreign tourism, Phu Quoc back pepper is known as a speciality of this pearl island. Being the top business partner, purchasing, processing, Sang Loi Pepper Manufacturer has been improving firmly at home and is about to export to foreign markets.

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Quoc An Pearl - Phu Quoc

Quoc An Pearl - Phu Quoc

With our 15 years of experience in the business of raising Pearl Quoc An, Phu Quoc already produced milions of Pearl of high quality with various colors, measurement and various forms. Hundreds of produced made fr0m Pearl such as wrist wear, necklace, and ear-ring diverse in styles that will contribute to raise the beauty of the fair gender.

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Ngoc Hien Pearl

Ngoc Hien Pearl

Specializing in various pearl necklaces, jewelry with price tag. Add: Duong Bao hamlet, Duong To commune. Tel: 077.3983599.

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Welcome to Phu Quoc - Viet Nam !

        Phu Quoc is known as an emeral island in the Western sea of Viet Nam. Mother nature gave it such an unique traits and attractions of a heaven for sea tourism with such an ever lasting long immaculate sugary-white beach, crystal blue seawaters, splendid marine creatures,...

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