SONG LE Dry Seafood and Souvenir Mall

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While exploring Ham Ninh Fishing Village, you will feel pleased with the peaceful landscape, enjoying the famous seafood. Before leaving, remember to get into SONG LE DRIED SEAFOOD and SOUVENIR MALL right here in the village to  buy your friends and relatives something. That would be the impressive souvernirs which the receivers will never forget.

SONG LE DRIED SEAFOOD and SOUVERNIR MALL has all kinds of seafood made in this emeral island, ranging spices and prices so you can make your own choices. And you must be pleased with your decisions.

To housewives, you’d better choose some among- dried seafood, dried Trang fish, dried Cod, dried Skate, dried barracouda, dried Chet fish. Those are the ones to be cooked so easily that the housewives are interested. With some Phu Quoc fishsauce or Phu Quoc pepper, it would be great.

The higher-class seafoods which anyone wants to try are abolone, shark fin, sea cucumber, swallow nest, living seahorses which are valuable and nutricious, especially both for the elderly and the youth. Dried shrimps are very preferable to customers due to their various and abundant kinds and reasonable prices to everyone.

If you offer something to your long-life friends who enjoy drinking, you’d better choose the mouth-chewing dried stuff such as: dried squids, once-sunshine-dried squids, scallops, dried wild black anchovy. Uniquely, the whole seahorses in wine to make sure “his drinking- her praising, seadragon  or bottle Sim wine which is flavored and wellknown.

You also could buy some medical herbs which are so good for health such as: fresh Mo Qua- (Cudrania tricuspidata (Carr.), Dried Mo Qua, Seaweed,  Tongkat ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)….

All above are the meaning souvernir at SEAFOOD and SOUVERNIR MALL which you are free to choose. It’s sure when you bring them home, the receivers- with the unexplainable- feelings could never deny.


          - Add : Ham Ninh Fishing Village - Phu Quoc
          - Tel : (077) 3849808  -  0919.632223  -  0912.435253
          - Email : quocdien1974@gmail.com

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