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Ca com, literally “ rice fish” is a tiny species of fish, usually found moving in shoals. It is processed in some way like this:

Fish are first tightly barrel - salted. The mixture is then left to ferment in a few months.

The decomposed product turns into a kind of clear amber-brown juice rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The first juice is known as “ Nuoc Nam nhi”. There are more than 10 kinds of Rice fish but the ones with red stripe is better.

The best season is around July - August till December.




Tourists can observe the process at the barrel house.

Thinh Phat Fish Sauce

             Add:At Apr 30 St, Town section 1, Duong Dong.

             Tel: 077.3980224 - 0913993951.

             Price: 40,000VND/liter

             Tourists can order and get it at the air port.

             The least load is a container of 3.6 liter with 180,000VND/ each.

Khai Hoan Fish Sauce

             Add:Hung Vuong ST, town section1

             Tel: 077.3848555.

             Price: 47,000VND /liter.

             It can be ordered and then delivered at the air port.

             The load of 5 containers -1, 2 liter each.

             The total cost is 296,000VND/ pack.


Luan Dien Fish Sauce

             Add: Nguyen Chi Thanh St. Town section 5.

             Tel: 077.3993265.

             70,000/ 2 bottles / 750ml each.

             It can be ordered and then gotten at Tan Son Nhat Air port.

             The least cargo must be 5 containers of 1,2 liter each.

             The total cost is: 335,000 VND/each.



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