Bay Dong Fermented Shrimp Paste - Phu Quoc's Speciality

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Like any other coastal areas, Phu Quoc has a popular special product that is Mam Ruoc- fermented shrimp paste. The fermented shrimp paste making career was established a long time ago. Up to now, with skillfully handy fermented shrimp paste people, it has become a unchangably special dish in many family’s meals.



“BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE” is the top manufacture in Phu Quoc and it becomes familiar to the locals and tourists near or far. Besides its well-known product mentioned above, we also produce some other specialities like dried young shrimp, salt pepper, ripe pepper mixed with sugar, pickled leek, papaw paste, Cacom paste, hotchilly paste and cylindric glutinous rice cake…

Despite the fact that the so-called easily made fermented shrimp paste, it is manufactured as skillfully and techniquely like any other. Since selecting raw products, simply processing stage, fermenting, steaming.. all must be done carefully in each stage in order to make it BAY DONG’s good quality to serve the customers.


Specially, BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE to make "Sim wine BAY DONG" - a famous Phu Quoc's speciality. "Sim wine BAY DONG" was manufactured by nationly and traditionaly. So they're very good for people's health.

Hygiene, food safety is the first required standard of BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE to make its product completely safe for its trustful customers. BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE is issued a certificate of Standardized product and Safe Food Administration “ATTP”. Besides, the product - BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE - is also issued a patent as well as a trademark by the Office of Intellectual Property.


Therefore, the trade mark BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE has been trustful and improved. If you come to Phu Quoc, just enjoy its speciality BAY DONG FERMENTED SHRIMP PASTE to feel the attractive delicious and salty taste of the coastal area and don’t forget to make it your sourvenir for your relatives or friends before getting back home.

          Add: 30/4 St. Duong Dong- Phu Quoc- Kien Giang
          Tel: 0773.847258 – 0918875567

Very honored to serve you !


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