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          Phu Quoc is an beautiful island with white sand coasts and blue, green- like waves. Right here, travellers will fully enjoy the nature’s favorably- given gifts to the island, deeply breathe in the freshly pleasant oceanic air, explore the primitive forests,  dive to watch coral reefs or lie on the white sand coasts in the sun.

          Located by the beautiful beach of Ba Keo at the center of Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Sunshine Bungalow will surely make your stay valuable, reaxing whenever you travel here. Only a few steps away, travellers could lose themselves in the coming sea waves, sunbathe on the warm white sand coasts or sit watching the impressive fabulous sunset on the sea.


          The bugalows are designed with an elegantly harmonious style. The window systems are ventilated letting the pleasant cooling sea breeze in. With 12 spacious elegant bungalows with well- favorably designed red-wood furniture, modern facilities such as: air-cons- water heaters, cable TV, refrigerators, wifi ... travellers must be pleased to stay at Sunshine Bugalow.


          Besides, Sunshine Bugalow also help consult with travellers to decide tours to explore Phu Quoc such as, fishing, diving and snorkelling, going to primitive forests, visiting pepper farms, fish sauce- manufacturing houses, Sim red wine…help travellers book either air or sea tickets, hire the vehicles…


          With wonderful location, spacious place, reasonable prices as well as throughly  whole-hearted service, it is surely Sunshine Bungalow will be travellers’ ideal destination while touring or exploring this emeral island of Phu Quoc.


          Add : Tran Hung Dao St - Neighborhood 7
                    Duong Dong - Phu Quoc - Vietnam

          Tel : (+84) 773 975 777 - (+ 84) 903.024.659
                   (+84) 909.322.809

          Email : sunshinehomevn@gmail.com

Ranges of rooms at Sunshine Bugalow:

Fourth Class : 33 USD
          - 01 King-size bed (1,8m x 2m)
          - Shower booth
Third class : 41 USD
          - 01 King- size bed (1,8m x 2m)
          - Bath tub

 * Second class : 51 USD
          - 01 King- size bed (1,8m x 2m) and a normal one (1,2m x 2m)
          - Shower booth

First class : 55 USD
          - 01 King- size bed (1,8m x 2m) and a normal one (1,2m x 2m)
          - Bath tub



We are honored to serve you!

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