KHALI Resort

KHALI Resort

Travelling in Phu Quoc is seemingly the same as coming to a paradise of relaxing stay and gaining good health. Travellers will fully enjoy the genuin value of life which the mother nature affectionately offers this emerald island. Located right on a beautiful beach near Duong Dong’s administrative center, KHALI RESORT will serve you up with the wonderfully relaxing time. It only takes 5 minutes on foot to have a seabath, a sunbath, a pleasant stroll on Ba Keo beach, very pretty safe and satinary.

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Sunshine Bungalow

Sunshine Bungalow

Located by the beautiful beach of Ba Keo at the center of Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Sunshine Bungalow will surely make your stay valuable, reaxing whenever you travel here. Only a few steps away, travellers could lose themselves in the coming sea waves, sunbathe on the warm white sand coasts or sit watching the impressive fabulous sunset on the sea.

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Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort

Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort

Lying on beautiful lovely Ong Lang beach, with white sand and bright sunlight, Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort has a wild, attractive beauty of a green island with palm tree leaves dancing in breezing ocean wind. Staying with Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort, you will be mixed with a green suitable atmosphere of nature. The separate quiet bungalows in fresh ocean sea will bring you the peacefully resting relaxing time in a cool pleasant view.

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Kim Nam Phuong Resort

Kim Nam Phuong Resort

Located right at the center of Pearl Island of Phu Quoc, KIM NAM PHUONG RESORT lies stretching on the beautiful BA KEO beach. The beach here is very clean and unspoiled, sloping gently toward the sea making it safe so the kids can hang out with friends on the beach freeing you from your care and tention. You yourselves are free to sunbathe, seabathe, relax and enjoy this island’s seafood.

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Huong Giang Bungalow

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Welcome to Phu Quoc - Viet Nam !

        Phu Quoc is known as an emeral island in the Western sea of Viet Nam. Mother nature gave it such an unique traits and attractions of a heaven for sea tourism with such an ever lasting long immaculate sugary-white beach, crystal blue seawaters, splendid marine creatures,...

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