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Phu Quoc is known as an emerald island due to its potential nature and tourism abundant capability as a strange place with primitive spreading woods surrounded by the pretty white sand beaches. Touring in Phu Quoc, tourists feel as if they were exploring the whole country of VN because there is everything here: hills, deep forest, rivers, streams and sea.

While exploring this “shining paradise”, finding out an ideal destination to relax, rest and enjoy its seafood is most tourists’ major concern. It will be disappeared since you reach Zen Restaurant - one of tourists’ ideal spots in Phu Quoc.



fr0m a few very first steps, you will be amazed with green lawn speading ahead. An artificially small stream rhyming musically crea-tes a pleasant quiet feeling.

In Japanese, Zen means meditation, expressing a wish of a mindful peace. Stone is a symbol of stablity, long survival. Water is believed to have good luck, happiness and prosperity. Those are also our best wishes that Zen Restaurant wants to send to you all.



Located on 30/4 street, central emerald Phu Quoc, ZEN exists to appeal and lure with a new strange spacious combination of architecturally traditional oriental and modern western styles. Here, the customers seem to be lost in its peaceful, calm, windy, spacious structure. Its lovely simple architectural view mixes something wild of the nature.



If you need more private spacious place for meeting friends or business partners or customers of yours, we offer some comfortable well- equiped VIP rooms where you must be pleased with the privacy, warmth and secret.
With an area of about 3000 m2,
Zen Restaurant could at the same time welcome 500 customers. It should be an ideal place of those celebrating their most important events in their lives.
It is also great for you to organize receptions, birthday parties, conferences, tourists’meals or the warm weekend time with families or friends.



At Zen Restaurant, you will enjoy breakfasts, lunches, dinners with drinking dishes, grilled stuffs, and fresh seafood. At anytime during the day, you will feel the comfort, social atmosphere due to its favorite dishes for a lot of people.



After your long tiring exploring day, as the sun sets, it is the time for you to relax, enjoy our best specialities. Zen Restaurant offers you a hundred of dishes processed fr0m fresh seafood like: Sweet snail, Soft-skin crab, Lobster, Mantis shrimp, Abalone, Jelly-fish, Eel –Anguilla, Gudgeon. All are carefully seclected to be so fresh and delicious.

Particularly, we have some special seafood of Phu Quoc such as: 
Pilch@rd salad, Ham Ninh crab, Hoang Kim shrimp, Squid’s egg steamed with ginger, Zen spring roll… Those fr0m the sea are believed not only easily eaten but also so healthy.



Beside Zen’s various menu, Zen Restaurant also serves some special wines as: Phu Quoc Cassia wine, an excellent selection of imported wines and liquors. 

For those of you interested in football, catching interesting matches or films, don’t be worried as we are always ready with our modern media equipment to meet all of your demands.

Each time you come by, you always see how unique and interesting we are. Our well-qualified culinary team always tries to do their best to provide the best dishes.
With our well- trained professional staff, we promise to bring you while being with your beloved- ones, friends or colleagues memorable times as well as delicious meals.

With our concept, “customers are like God”, Zen Restaurant always has its best service and quality. So we are deeply memorized by any customers at home or abroad and we become the ideal destination of tourists no matter where they come fr0m.

Let us have a chance to be with you. Contact us at:

30- 4 St. Duong Dong town- Phu Quoc.
Tel: 077.3994555 Fax: 077.3994808
Email: zenphuquoc@gmail.com

We are honored to serve you !




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