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     Located on Hung Vuong St. in Duong Dong town, one of Phu Quoc’s centers, Viet Xua brings you a  comfortable calm and peaceful feeling after a hard day of work while travelling in the island.


     With its capacity of holding upto 250 eateries, Viet Xua Restaurant is a favorable choice to serve tours, delegations, buffers or barbeques outside.


     The airy courtyard, the fresh ocean air, the ancient architechtural style mixed something modern will provide you a calm, naturally- closed feeling. It is an ideal place for travellers to keep  their unforgetable moments. 


     It has an expansive and various menu. Especially, it serves Phu Quoc’s second-to-none seafood such as: herring salad, chicken- brought up-in-garden- cooked with “Bua” leaves, “Tram” mushroom with seafood, scallop, long-jawed anchovy… made by long-term experienced cooks. It will offer you flavorable unforgetable seafood dishes.


     Breakfast plays an important part in everyone’s life. Viet Xua is not only well-known for serving the local but also attractive to either domestic or foreign travellers either near or far.

      The restaurant’s big spacious yard can be a place for your children to play around in while you are having meals.


     All in all, Viet Xua has been a familiar destination travellers fr0m everywhere.


Viet Xua - Phu Quoc is very proud to serve you !

       A: 10 Hung Vuong St - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc.

       T: 0773 994 8480

       F: 0773 994 849

       M: 0942 391929 - 0939 29 3980 (Mr. Thanh - manager)

       E: vietxua2006@gmail.com






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