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          Cakes contribute the decoration and help make the parties, celebrations or other events warmer more elegant, and they are symbols of happiness. Therefore, cakes become ideally unchangable gifts in such events: wedding ceremonies, receptions or parties… They are lovingly sweet and genuine messages to family members, close relatives and friends.


          In Phu Quoc, consumers have become more loyal to the well-known brand of cakes, THU HIEN CAKES. All wedding- reception- celebrating restaurants all over the island  rely firstly on THU HIEN CAKES’ products. Multipled-story elegant cakes help make the newly married couples look more gorgeous in their happiest days in their lives.

          THU HIEN CAKES are made of natural cream with various of flavors such as fresh milk, chocolates, cream coffee, fruits… The cakes taste mildly sweet, slightly grease not causing the sensation of tiredness. The cake decorations are elegant- looking, eye-catching, second- to- none, lovely and the flavor provides the softly pleasant feelings and they also make the parties’s atmosphere more impressive and meaningful.


          With a plently of decoration styles from different ingredients, you could have a choice of the cool-smelling of the natural cream, the sweet-sour fragrance of fruit jam or the bitter-smelling of chocolate. The cakes with their fragrance of mildness, slight sweetness make you see the great quality and delicacy of them.



          Coming with THU HIEN CAKES, you will be overwhelmed by the other lovely cakes. The spread flavorful odors make you not prevent yourselves from trying some immediately. Besides, there are other teenagers’favorite stuffs: milk-tea, juice, grapefruit sweetened porridge and other beverages. Specially, a new attractive stuff: Thai sweetened porridge which offers you an extensive feeling with a wide range of favorite fruits: durian, jack, longan, palm coconut, agar, gracilaria.

          Each cake here in THU HIEN CAKES is made by the skillful bakers which not only serves you a good-looking sight but only its attractive odor inside-material.


         To surely maintain, protect and enhance brand products, THU HIEN CAKES always takes strong actions on each processing step. All stages: selecting raw materials, food, powder processing, baking are strickly checked to meet the standards of food quality and safety. As a matter of fact, THU HIEN CAKES has day-by-day been promoted as the exclusive cakes with the distinctive strong full-bodied flavor and its reasonable prices to its loyal customers.





THU HIEN 1 : 120 Nguyen Trung Truc St. – Duong Dong – Phu Quoc
         TEL : (+84) 773.848.046   -   (+84) 944.502.678

THU HIEN 2 : 45 St. 30/4 – Duong Dong – Phu Quoc
                                          TEL : (+84) 77 3.982.686   -   (+84) 915.857.093
                        Email : banhkemthuhien@gmail.com
Notes :
                   - Free to-door delivery service.
                   - Providing the material, ingredients.

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