SONG LE Restaurant - Ham Ninh Fishing Village

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Ham Ninh fishing village is a well- known  place in Phu Quoc. It is attracted to either domestic tourists or foreign ones by its peaceful, quiet simple lifestyle of the local.


While visiting Ham Ninh fishing village, the travellers could not resit missing the seafood, most of all the one named after this place’s name: Ham Ninh soft-skin crab.

To enjoy Ham Ninh soft-skin crabs and other attractive specialities, the travellers can get into any restaurants there. But to have a comfortable space while exploring the culinary skills as well as watching the rural beauty of the fishing village, you’d better get into SONG LE RESTAURANT.

With a wide view of the whole village, facing the East, from SONG LE RESTAURANT, you sure gaze with the rising sun in emeral island of Phu Quoc, Bach Ma mountains, Keo Ngua, Kien Vang of Cambodia, “Pivate” archipelago of Ha Tien town… With a spacious airy location, SONG LE RESTAURANT will bring you a relaxing and comfortable time. While enjoying the seafood, getting the fresh ocean air, it can not be comparable.

SONG LE RESTAURANT is not only attractive to its ideal space but also its famous specialities such as:  Ham Ninh crabs, Young crab flowder- coated fried, squid- once sun-dried, , herring salad, tich shrimp hot chilli salt-fired, abalone grilled with oil- green lemon, sea urchin- mustard, sea horse- sea dragon fried with butter… ​Here the travellers really enjoy the genuin fresh just- caught sea food: shrimps, crabs, nails, oysters, squids, fish. All are alive, looking fresh which are never processed. We always guarantee the safety- quality regulation.

With out capacity of holding 400 eaters, with a wide safe parking place, SONG LE RESTAURANT is suitable for wedding parties, receptions, birthday parties, gatherings, meetings. Besides, SONG LE RESTAURANT also serves meals, dishes of rice with crab or seafood. Further more, SONG LE RESTAURANT could serve the whole group of delegations or travellers. You, our dear customers, quite feel free about our service and the prices here are very reasonable.

 If you have a need to get some souvernir, stop by our SOUVERNIR and DRIED SEAFOOD MALL nearby. We offer a delivery service within the island if you require.

With a various ranging menu and reasonable prices as well as our well- qualifying service, SONG LE RESTAURANT will bring you the unforgetable delicious meals whenever you are in our restaurant - SONG LE RESTAURANT - Ham Ninh Fishing Village.

               - Add : Ham Ninh Fishing Village - Phu Quoc
               - Tel : (077) 3849808  -  0919.632223  -  0912.435253
               - Email : quocdien1974@gmail.com

We are very honored to serve you ! 


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