Le Giang Restaurant Garden II

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            Nowadays, those who go to restaurants not only want to enjoy good dishes but also mention the serving style, the inside of each. Le Giang Restaurant Garden II will bring you out of the thrills, spontaneity and buzz of the city to a spacious quiet poetic place where will become every either local or foreign eaters’ destination for its interesting culinary cuisine.




            By the bank of Duong Dong calm river, with the area of 11,000m2, Le Giang Restaurant Garden II makesits own style, a peaceful privacy. The place is naturally rural-like. This will be an ideal place to provide the customers peace- of- mind feelings with relatives or friends after rough long working days.





            Le Giang Restaurant Garden II  with itsvarious and abundant dishes on menu can satisfy every customer’s taste, different individual choices. fr0m the specially best seafood of Phu Quoc’s sea: squids, crabs, shrimps fish, shells, snails…to “3- dish Thai duck”, crispy pig leg, chicken- stuffed with sticky rice, goat’s meat, young pig roast, hot pots, barbecue… Specially, when coming here you can enjoy its brand-named dishes: Le Giang salad, Le Giang spring roll which are strangely newly made.







         The chain restaurants are big with airy wide gardens, Le Giang Restaurant Garden II is available for 600 guesses. This is a suitable place for organizing events, receptions, birthday parties, wedding parties, tour’s meals buffet... Furthermore, Le Giang Restaurant Garden II also serves karaoke for families or traditionally singing style for those interested.



       Its slogan is “Making customers pleased and comfortable always”. The quality of food is our top priority. Le Giang Restaurant Garden II is always on the move to make it better-qualified to serve your more specific demands.

      Every raw fresh material, after carefully selected to meet the standards of food safety regulations,  is made by long-term- experienced chef to make sure that customers must be pleased.






             Therefore, Le Giang Restaurant Garden II has got both near or far away customers’ trust and become the national organized tours’ organizations’ top priority. With our delicate perfect and professional services, reasonable prices and the wonderful space, we are sure to make you- our dear customers very pleased with everything.



       Come with us to enjoy our culinary cuisine and become our real guests.


             Address: Nguyen Chi Thanh St - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc.

             Tel: 077 3 982 222 - 0913 820 899

             Fax: 077 3982 444


       Le Giang Restaurant Garden II is honored to serve you !  





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