Ham Ninh Fishery Village Restaurant

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Head North - East, Ham Ninh commune is 20 km fr0m Duong Dong town. It is well known with Ham Ninh fishery village, Vong beach’s pier and its beautiful peaceful beach. What makes tourists more interested is its sea food, Crab, fresh sea horse wine, Tram mushroom- a very local nutrious one, pine-apple and “crow’s beak- liked” fruit- known as “Mo Qua” to make wine.



Those exploring Phu Quoc- a tourism paradise- but missing Ham Ninh Fishery village must feel regretful and those visiting Ham Ninh fishery village but not coming to its restaurant must be more regretful.



Ham Ninh Fishery Village Restaurant is located in the center of the village, with its simple, rural, natural decoration.



The restaurant hall is spacious, available for hundreds of guests. With the airy architectural style, Ham Ninh Fishery Village Restaurant crea-tes a pleasant comfortable feeling with the fresh air fr0m the sea. Far ahead lies Ham Ninh huge spreading mountains to crea-te a kind of “Lovely sea- mountain” landscape painting.




Beside its ideal place for tourists, it has dishes with fresh special seafood such as: Ham Ninh Crab, Mantis shrimp, Pilch@rd salad, Young shark, black Skate- all alive. 

More especially, customers while enjoying the food can also see live how the fishermen catch them right in the village.



At Ham Ninh fishery village, customers not only enjoy the best dishes but also the best culinary skill with the unique and impressive décor of the skillful chef.

With our various menu, reasonable prices and excellent service, Ham Ninh Fishery Village Restaurant should bring you pleasant moment and meals.



Come to Ham Ninh Fishery Village to get a chance to discover the culinary culture here and don’t forget to come by Ham Ninh Fishery Village Restaurant - an ideal place for those loving sea, nature as well as the people in the village. 

You are not only served the culinary triumphs but also invited to go along with them, with their life pace in the lovely nature.

Address: Rach Ham Hamlet- Ham Ninh commune, Phu Quoc.
                Tel:  -  Fax:
                Email : langchaipq@yahoo.com



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