Ancestral Nam Dinh Pho in operration in Phu Quoc - The Thinh Pho

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          Nam Dinh Pho is not only well known in its hometown Nam Dinh but also nation-wide and abroad. Nam Dinh Pho with its individual flavor, ancestors’ traditional recipe distinguishes itself from all the others sold everywhere. In Phu Quoc, ancestral Nam Dinh Pho has been in operation to serve the customers at number 8 Nguyen Trai St. Duong Dong town (right at the cross-road, opposite Phu Quoc AgriBank) That is genuin THE THINH PHO.


          Those who come to THE THINH PHO will enjoy its genuin unique flavor of ancestral NAM DINH PHO, “delicious from beef - to sweetened from bones”. It is cooked by Nam Dinh people and served by its owner.


          To serve customers delicious, flavorful and attractive, the owner has to prepare for each cooking stage dedicately, industriously and carefully. ​Making broth is the most important stage and that is handed generation to generation. The broth is made from simmering beef bones. The transparently sweetened the broth tastes, the more delicious Pho must have been.

Enjoy the flavorful NAM DINH ANCESTRAL THE THINH PHO, and feel the friendliness, generousity  of  Nam Town people in this island, Emeral Phu Quoc.
                   Add: 8 Nguyen Trai St- Duong Dong- Phu Quoc.
                   (Right at the trafic lights, Opposite the AgriBank.)
                   Tel: 0988.122 422

      We are very honored to serve you, our dear customers!

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