Thien Phu An Guest House

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Thien Phu An guest house is located on Tran Hung Dao St- right at the center of Phu Quoc island, 5 minutes (3km) to the airport by car and 100 meters fr0m the beach, making it convenient for sighseeing, entertaining and seabathing.





While staying at Thien Phu An guest house, the travellers will find it comfortable and relaxed with a spacious airy area, with fresh air fr0m the sea.





With a suitably architechturally designed property, all kind of facilities: air-conditionner, water heater, fridge, TV set, wifi service and many kinds of rooms for you to choose. Thien Phu An guest house will please you with its hospitality,  good service and very reasonable prices.





We also offer other services such as: planning tours, cars, Honda scuters for rent, fast ferry and air booking ticket… to help you explore Phu Quoc perfectly.





Especially, if you want to enjoy the fresh seafood or Phu Quoc’s other specialities, Thien Phu An guest house can help you make ends meet. Besides, We have large safe parking lot making your transporting easy.





Staying at Thien Phu An guest house, the travellers will be pleased with the quality services and the way you are served so you will enjoy any moment of your time in the “Heaven on earth” of tourism of Phu Quoc.



     Add: Group 1 Cua Lap - Duong To - Phu Quoc.

     Tel: (84) 773 994 962 – (84) 944 222 677

     Email: thienphuan@yahoo.com

     Account: 7790201002768 – Rural development& Industry- Agriculture Bank



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