Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse

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If you want to explore ”The paradise of tourism of Phu Quoc” and want to:

-         choose a suitable staying place right at the center in order to cut transportation expenses to easily go around;

-         enough rooms for your family or people on your tour;

-         get services and necessary facilities;

-         with affordable prices ...

Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse will be your ideal choice !



Located at 10, 30/4 St, right at the center of administrative area of Emerald island, Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse has a second- to- none location, not found anywhere else.


       Within a few steps, you can enjoy the famous Cau temple known as a symbol of Phu Quoc. Right there, you can have a swim, a good time with soft waves and bresh cool air fr0m the ocean. You will forget the hardship of daily activities and enjoy the peace of nature right on the beautiful beach.


       At night, next to the Guesthouse, explore the culinary figures of the seafood at the night market called Cau Temple Market. You will experience the specialized seafood dishes which are both delicious and nutritious with the well-known flavor of fish sauce while sipping some Sim wine. All in all nothing can be compared.


       At night, it is time you need to have a good night, Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse with 31 comfortably well- equiped rooms will make your night enjoyful. Each room is newly equiped with windows to get fresh air (in case you don’t choose to have air conditioners.)


       With a large number of rooms, 31 including single, double rooms and group ones and with reasonable prices, Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse is a perfect choice for family tour, group tour or organization- offices tour.


       Besides, The guest house offers services such as, information of exploring tours, fishing, diving, booking either air or boat tickets and hiring vehicles 4- 24 seats.

       With its delicate professional and hearted service, Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse will provide you- all travellers a pleasant inpressive on holiday this emerald island.


Phu Quoc Post Office Guesthouse is honored to be your choice. !

    Add: 10-30/4 St. - Duong Dong- Phu Quoc

    Tel: (077) 3 847 969 – 3 994 777

    Fax: (077) 3846 144

    Email: buudienhuyenphquoc@yahoo.com





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