Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort

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Phu Quoc is like a pearl, paradise of tourism. There are all of the elements, rivers, streams, moutains combined here making it lovely, poetry always luring both domestic and foreign travellers.

Lying on beautiful lovely Ong Lang beach, with white sand and bright sunlight, Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort has a wild, attractive beauty of a green island with palm tree leaves dancing in breezing ocean wind.

Staying with Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort, you will be mixed with a green suitable atmosphere of nature. The separate quiet bungalows in fresh ocean sea will bring you the peacefully resting relaxing time in a cool pleasant view.

Owning a beautiful natural safe beach, Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort will help you, travellers, have a wonderful relaxing time with sea, sand and waves. Travellers could seabathe, get soaked in cool seawater, stroll on the beach or rest, sunbathe, watch the sunset.


With specially designed bungalows to provide you the comfort, privacy with some facilities such as air conditioners, solar-panel water heater, wi-fi service. All bungalows are preferably designed with suitable windows will bring you deeply warm good sleep. 


Bar, restaurant are by the beach serving everyday breakfast. The variable attractive dishes menu meet the travellers’ requests. Breakfasts will be served daily by bar and restaurant near side to the beach. With a fascinating variation of foods, your desire will be met with authentic Vietnamese to European cuisine.


Besides, Blue Sea Resort Phu Quoc also organizes discovering island nature tours such as: fishing, squid hunting, discovering corals, the primeval forest sight- seeing.  And other services: booking tickets, motorbikes for hire are available.

We are sure that with our friendly and professional service but for an affordable price, you can be pleased and will have a great time of your journey in this paradise of tourism, Phu Quoc island.
                    Address :  Ong Lang area – Cua Duong – Phu Quoc
                    Phone : (84).773 996 684 – 773 996 685
                    Email : thanhhungthpq@yahoo.com
                    Website : bluesearesort.net


We are very honored to serve you !


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