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          Phu Quoc is known by its white-sanded shinny beaches, the curling over waves with the fresh pleasant cooling sea breeze which relax you enough and help you release from your daily routine tiredness, worries as you are with the nature. However, to deeply enjoy a relaxing vacation with friends, families especialy with small kids, you’d better choose for yourselves resorts like KIM NAM PHUONG RESORT by the sea shore. 


           Located right at the center of Pearl Island of Phu Quoc, KIM NAM PHUONG RESORT lies stretching on the beautiful BA KEO beach. The beach here is very clean and unspoiled, sloping gently toward the sea making it safe so the kids can hang out with friends on the beach freeing you from your care and tention. You yourselves are free to sunbathe, seabathe, relax and enjoy this island’s seafood.

          What surprises you when you come to KIM NAM PHUONG RESORT is our spacious green area. With more than 19,000 m2 but just only for 32 rooms and bungalows are constructed and the rest is for the green. So as soon as you arrive here, you are in a deliberate, friendly family-style fresh pleasant atmosphere.

           From the resort, just a few-minute walk, you can enjoy watching the famous Dinh Cau, Sung Hung ancient pagoda, stop by Duong Dong local market or enjoy the fresh seafood at the Night Dinh Cau market ( available at night only).
          When night falls, you can also rest, relax in the room watch the flashing of far away fishing boats. The fresh sea air in gusts of wind accompanied with the sounds of waves bring you a surprising pleasant feeling.

          Another surprising thing when coming to KIM NAM PHUONG RESORT is the prices. Despite a beautiful location, high quality, the prices here are reasonable. So during the tourism season, if you don’t book in advance, there will be no rooms left.

          - Add: 88/5 Tran Hung Dao St - Duong Dong town
                     Phu Quoc district - Kien Giand province.
          - Tel: (84)773 981 122 - (84)773 846 319            Fax: (84)773 983 344.
          - Email : Kimnamphuong.hotel@yahoo.com.vn

          1. Air-con room (2 beds- heat water) seafront:                   940.000VND
          2. Air-con room (2 beds- heat water) seafront:                   840.000VND
          3. Air-con room (2 beds- heat water) garden scenery:       790.000VND
          4. Air-con room (2 beds- head water) garden scenery:      690.000VND
          5. Fan-cooled room (2 beds) seafront:                                540.000VND
          6. Fan-cooled room (2 beds, heat water) garden scenery: 420.000VND
          7. Fan-cooled room (2 beds) garden scenery:                     380.000VND
          8. Fan-cooled room (1 wide bed) garden scenery:              310.000VND
          (2-person breakfast is included)

We are very honored to serve you !


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