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Hiep Thoai hotel is located on Tran Hung Dao St. Duong Dong – Phu Quoc. The street is known as “a tourism street” as it goes along with beautiful Ba Keo beach. It’s also the center of the emerald island of Phu Quoc. All elegant resorts, hotels are here due to the street’s favorable position.


Staying at Hiep Thoai hotel, the tourists will enjoy what mother nature offered Phu Quoc, the fresh air fr0m the ocean, taking a walk on the beautiful beach, having fun with the ocean waves or visiting the famous landscapes there.


Only after a few minutes on foot, the tourists reach its famous spot “Cau temple” known as Phu Quoc’s symbol. A few steps apart stays Sung Hung pagoda another famous one. In the morning, the tourists can take a walk across the floating Duong Dong bridge, a sign of peace,  paying the market of Duong Dong a visit to witness the recently caught seafood there.


In late afternoon, fr0m Hiep Thoai hotel, the tourists can watch the sunset, the far away fishing boats at work. All could crea-te a beautiful nature’s painting.


When the evening comes, it’s the time for the tourists to explore the culturally typical culinary stuffs: “Dinh Cau night market”. It takes only a few minutes, the tourists ought to enjoy the delicious fresh seafood dishes, tasting Phu Quoc’s fish sauce or sipping some red wine made fr0m unique "Sim" fruit, which can not be found anywhere  else !


Hiep Thoai hotel with its facilities, warmth, and its staff’s whole-hearted services which help you have a very good night after a long day of exploring the emerald island. 


Contact us : 


Add : 65 – Tran Hung Dao St. – Duong Dong town – Phu Quoc

Tel : (84) 77 39 81 060    -    Fax: (84) 77 38 48 355

Email: hiepthoaipq@gmail.com    -   Website: hotelhiepthoai.com 


 Have a good trip !




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