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Phu Quoc, originally a haven for travellers, gives you a chance to explore and experience the wilderness of nature. With Dolphin Tour, you will lie down on the desert beaches, enjoy the fresh air coming fr0m the ocean, splash in the green cool pure sea water.


Almost every beaches in the island such as Sao beach, Kem beach, Dai one… has a amazingly beauty with white sand holding your steps, bright sunlight, soft wind and the rippling surf reaching the shore gently touching the skin.


To explore the primitive figures of Phu Quoc, tourists should go North. Getting deep into the primitive forests, tourists will see a very abundant plantation- sea creature system with many species in the surprisingly wild nature.


The rolling hills and mountains covered with green trees crea-te the pure streams, babbling day and night. In the middle of the jungle, the birds’singing, the babbling sound and somewhat noisy streams’ pouring sounds seem to be an emotional loving song leading human life to the nature. There are desert famous streams in there like Da Ban, Tien, Da Ngon, Tranh, Mo stream. Among them, the most famous is Tranh stream. It stretches 15 kilometers, curving sometimes hiding, sometimes outcoming on rocks or under green trees’shadows looking like a painting- so called Tranh stream.


Tourists not only are lured by the surf, the sand, the sound of stream but also interested in the abudant delicious seafood. Just come and try herring salad, scallop, Ham Ninh crab, taste the famous sauce fish of Phu Quoc, sip some Sim wine or enjoy the beauty of pearls flashing, attaching people soul.


Dolphin Tour will offer you actual exploring tours, diving deep down to enjoy the colorful coral reefs, floating on squid fishing boats at night. Tourists may turn into a real “Robinson Crusoe” in desert islands in the ocean. You will never forget the eager feelings to watch the breath-taking shining reefs in the dark green water with such a richness of sea platation and creatures down there.


Phu Quoc - a seascape in the ocean - with the wilderness of the nature has such a main attraction which will make you want to come to feel the most delicate, unique and attractive figures with your all heart.


With its experienced enthusiasm staff of administrators and tour guides, Dolphin Tour will offer the best service for “The emerald island exploring tour”. The Dolphin Tour’s high quality service will bring travellers the pleasure.





     - 9h : Pick up at your hotel then go to the south of the island and visit culture Pearl of VIET NAMESE – JAPANESE where PHU QUOC natural gift for the high quality jewelry products made of Pearl.


     - 10h : Visit PHU QUOC prison. Prisoners have sent missions custody communists Vietnam. Pow and all officers and non-commissoned officers fr0m the Pow.camp in the land given them detect of filter out fr0m 1967-1973.

     - 11h : SAO BEACH one of the most beautiful beach in the island . The best in PHU QUOC is the clear water and white sand. You can enjoy your lunch here. (Lunch cost not included)

     - 14h : Continue to waterfall (SUOI TRANH) best season fr0m May to October.

     - 15h : Visit the Fishsauce Factory and Pepper Garden.

     - 15h30 : Back to the hotel.  The End.



     - 8h30 : Pick up fr0m your hotel.

     - 9h : Visit Cua Can river where you can see many tales hutting dog then go to Dai Beach  for swimming & relaxing with track fr0m the nature and forest of the mountains.

     Visit Ganh Dau cape & Nguyen Trung Truc’s hero temple. Look Cambodia and Viet Nam border.

     - 11h : Continue to Phu Quoc National Park (30 minutes for walking).

     - 12h : To Ham Ninh fishing village ancient alongside the Ham Ninh River. Population of more than 20,000 pepole and  more than 70% are fishermen.

     It is also the source of waterfall (Suoi Tranh) and the Duong Dong river and some other canals on the island. Lunch time with fresh crabs especialities.(Lunch cost not included)

     - 14h : Then continue to waterfall (Suoi Tranh) for swimming. (May to October). The most beautiful water fall  on the rainy season.

     - 15h : Go to the Su Muon pagoda (Hung Long Tu). It is located at the top of the hill.

     - 15h30 : Visit the  Fishsauce Factory and Pepper Garden.

     - 16h : Back to hotel. The end.



     - 8h30 : Pick up at your hotel, go to the south PHU QUOC.

     Visit pearls culture of VIET NAMESE – JAPANESE.     

     - 9h30 : The boat go to AN THOI harbour for fishing. You can enjoy your lunch on the boat.

     - 10h30 : Swimming, diving admire the coral-reef in the kingdom of marine protected areas PHUQUOC with  many different kind of fish: hard coral, coral blanket, sea anemones ... In Pineapple island, shadow islets, fingernail islets.

     - 12h30 : Enjoy Lunch on the boat and listen tracks fr0m nature, =>fr0m waves of oceans , wind of  heaven and  whisper  fr0m trees on the island.

     - 14h30 : Boat docket back to AN THOI . The bus will pick up and take you to the SAO BEACH white sand and clear water where you can enjoy swimming and relaxing .Return to the hotel at 16h30.        



     - 08h30 : Pick up and take you to the DUONG DONG port . The boat will take you to the north of the island for fishing and snorkilng.

     Northern wilderness with greatful beauty, the mountains and the sea north Phu Quoc is gradually appear. Fresh air and nature view, you have moments of real comfortable while away fr0m busy streets and noisy market .

     - 10h : Fishing for lunch your hands to dray the goby fish grouper, mangrove fish ...

     - 11h : The boat will take you to the Turtle island and Fingernail island for snorkeling.You will see hard coral coral blanket ,sea anemones ... by  diving glass, snorkel and propeller.

     - 13h : Lunch on boat and swimming on the BAI DAI beach (pristine beach )Relax and listen to the sound of nature.

     - 14h30 : Boat return to DUONG DONG. Tour ends.



             Enjoy the sun set and distance fr0m the fishermen boat. Enjoy fresh air and cool sea breeze with a glass of beer while watching the sunset on the top floor of the boat  .                      

            We are sure you will have a sense of romantic is not described .

     - 17h : Pick up fr0m  your hotel and go to Duong Dong Port. Look for a good location where you can start squid fishing. When the lights turn on the boat is at full capacity and time for night squid fishing.

     - 20h30 : Dinner on the boat.

     - 21h : Back to DUONG DONG port. The end.



     - Boat tourist

     - A/C Car

     - Tour guide

     - Insurance

     - Drinking-water

     - Fishing line,baits

     - Ticket PQ marine protected areas.

     - High Snorkel Equipment

     - Life-jacket.

    - Deluxe Lunch

          . Fried Mackerrel /chili & salf 

          . Sauteed Noodle /Squid

          . Sauteed Morning-Glory/Beef

          . Fish-paste Sour Soup

          . Steamed Rice + Fruit

     - Deluxe Dinner

          . Grilled Fish

          . Steamed Squid Ginger&Onion

          . Phu Quoc Fish-Paste

          . Porridge Soup/ Squid

          . Fruit


Join Dolphin Tour to explore Haven of Tourism in Phu Quoc !



     - 75 Tran Hung Dao - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc

     - 02 Dinh Cau Night Market  - Duong Dong - Phu Quoc

     - Tel : 0947 551 883

     - Email : tourdolphin@gmail.com



Dolphin Tour - Hightest Quality Services !



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