Discover Phu Quoc

Discover Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is like tourism heaven on earth. Touring Phu Quoc is getting a chance for you to explore the nuture: the long white sand beaches, the interminable forests, the rivers, streams which are calm and poetic or the famous specialities in this island. The Exploring Phu Quoc Company will be your trustful companion in your whole Phu Quoc exploring trip.

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Explore Phu Quoc Island with DOLPHIN TOUR

Explore Phu Quoc Island with DOLPHIN TOUR

Phu Quoc, originally a haven for travellers, gives you a chance to explore and experience the wilderness of nature. With Dolphin Tour, you will lie down on the desert beaches, enjoy the fresh air coming fr0m the ocean, splash in the green cool pure sea water. Dolphin Tour will offer you actual exploring tours, diving deep down to enjoy the colorful coral reefs, floating on squid fishing boats at night. Tourists may turn into a real “Robinson Crusoe” in desert islands in the ocean. You will never forget the eager feelings to watch the breath-taking shining reefs in the dark green water with such a richness of sea platation and creatures down there.

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Vietnam Explorer PhuQuoc

Vietnam Explorer PhuQuoc

The diving package tour: seaport transfer- equipment boat, lunch, and diving technician. Price: 50 USD/once, 70 USD/twice, 100 USD/3times. Add: 36 Tran Hung Dao St, town section 1. Tel: 84 77 38 46 372.& 84 91 40 95 293.

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Welcome to Phu Quoc - Viet Nam !

        Phu Quoc is known as an emeral island in the Western sea of Viet Nam. Mother nature gave it such an unique traits and attractions of a heaven for sea tourism with such an ever lasting long immaculate sugary-white beach, crystal blue seawaters, splendid marine creatures,...

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