Phu Quoc is known as an emeral island in the Western sea of Viet Nam. Mother nature gave it such an unique traits and attractions of a heaven for sea tourism with such an ever lasting long immaculate sugary-white beach, crystal blue seawaters, splendid marine creatures, and mountainous rich biodiversity.

PhuQuoc Islands

          Visitors can experience the culture of Vietnam at the local market in the morning, relax on a remote and stunning beach in the afternoon, enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks at one of the restaurants and enjoy accommodation at the variety of hotels and resorts on this superb island getaway. Open year round with a peak season fr0m November to March, Phu Quoc is becoming well known for stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, the easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling.

SaoBeach– One of the most beach !

          To Phu Quoc, tourists not only time off to relax in the beautiful beaches are wild, enjoy the good climate and future cool wind blowing fr0m sea, so the area in sea blue as ngọc which also satisfy interesting adventure adventurous when submerged cool blue water, watching the coral reefs vibrant colors or order denh on the ship off the sea fishing, card ink at night, when the Hon chìm island in the dark, only so far lamplights of boats like the wallpaper in the night ...

Tranh Stream

  PhuQuoc Pepper Garden Fish Sauce House

The majority of Phu Quoc Island dedicated to National Park and protected marine environment, providing a memorable experience, with plenty of exciting activities and places to visit to keep you and the family entertained during your stay...

Discovering  Phu Quoc

          With the up-to date useful information, this website : PhuquocOnline.vn - Handbook : Alway with you,  should be a friend-like to be with you whenever and wherever you discover this wonderful island and its unpredictable natural wonders.   Enjoy your visit !


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Huong Giang Bungalow

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