Sai Gon Noodle Soup - Deeply sweet flavour, delicious

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          Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) is a traditionally specific and popular for the Viet Namese. In Phu Quoc, the brand name Sai Gon Pho not only offers the local people an ideal place to enjoy Pho but also shows the specialized high esteem of Pho to both domestic and foreign tourists.


          Coming to Sai Gon Pho , situated in the center of Phu Quoc (31 - 30/4 St. - Duong Dong), the tourists at once realize the cleanliness, elegance and tidiness of the place. The spacious airy room both on ground floor and upstairs can hold at the same time 100 eaters. Founded since 2001, Sai Gon Pho haspleasantlyserved a large number of customers.






          Sai Gon Pho, very delicious and various, ranging fr0m rare, well-done, lean flank, fatty flank, tendon, meatballs, bones, Viet namese beef stew… serves all kinds of customers’ favorite bowls. The raw materials are carefully selected, absolutely free fr0m artificial presevatives, to guarantee the food safety regulations. The recipe for deeply sweet flavour broth with specially selected ingredients is transfered fr0m generation to generation.






          Soft flexible rice noodles, soft sweet beef, the salty-sweetened broth made with bones and spices, seasonings completely deserves the eaters’favorite choices.





          Besides the tasty bowls of Pho, what the customers must silently praise is the good service of experienced careful staff- no time to wait, nothing to be disappointed which makes the eaters feel pleased, comfortable and enjoyable.




Try the deeply sweet flavour delicious Pho at Sai Gon Pho , full of attraction in Phu Quoc.

         Add : 31- 30/4 St - Duong Dong- Phu Quoc

        Tel : 077.3846 338- 0908 136 986

        Email : lamminhtuanpq@yahoo.com.vn


Sai Gon Pho  is honored to serve you !

        - Breakfast and dinner.

        - We are pleased to serve parties- if ordered- with Viet Namese beef stew only.



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