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About 5 minutes by car, Quoc Anh restaurant is located at the center of the pearl island, on 30-4 St, residential area 1, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc.




This is a place where tourists will enjoy the local fishermen’s specialized dishes with Phu Quoc seafood such as:

“Trang” fish paste, Rice-softskin crab meat, sour soup with lemon grass- saffron sliced, boletus hotpot.

For breakfast: Chinese noodle with seafood, noodle with softskin crab meat, rice-spaghetti soup with grilled chop mackerel, rice-spaghetti with grilled softskin crab, dry yellow-noodle with seafood.

All dishes specially cooked are fr0m Phu Quoc sea.




Chinese noodle with seafood 


While enjoying at Quoc Anh restaurant, tourists can’t miss our seafood dishes such as: rice- softskin crab meat, rice –spaghetti with grilled softskin-crab, chicken vermicelli, dry noodle with seafood, rice soup with “Trang” fish paste. Each dish has Quoc Anh restaurant’s specialized flavour.



Boletus hotpot


Herring Salad


Chicken Vermicelli


Quoc Anh restaurant is popular very well-known in Phu Quoc for its: herring salad, Chinese hotpot, octopus rice soup, “Rach”- fish head sour soup with lemon-grass- saffron sliced, grilled fish. It’s also the tourists’ideal place to rest after an exploring day in the pearl island.

Besides that, We offer event-services, tours so tourists can experience and enjoy their most comfortable moments in the forest or on the sea such as: Fishing tour, octopus fishing and other tours with the lowest prices.




Quoc Anh restaurant is honored to serve you at :

55 - 30/4 St, residential area 1, Duong Dong town- Phu Quoc (near the five- cross-road)

TEL : (077) 3 60 70 61  -  0913 847 790



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